The Snakebite Roraima Program have 4 main objectives

1. Develop a Snakebite Training Program (STP), which will enrich clinical knowledge regarding snakebite envenomings enabling the healthcare professionals and students to identify the snake genus responsible for the accident and, consequently, indicate the best treatment (e.g. specific antivenom) for the victim. The STP has also the objective to reduce side effects (i.e. Anaphylaxis and Serum sickness), since it will decrease the use of polyvalent antivenoms (for more than one snake genus) and, consequently, the unnecessary use of high antivenom doses, resulting in an improvement of victims’ prognosis. Thus, the STP will allow a better treatment for snakebite victims;

2. Develop a Snakebite Prevention and Control Program (SPCP) to disseminate snakebite information for different communities: rural population, indigenous, military community (army), and Venezuelan migrants. Thus, SPCP will empower and engage communities towards prevention, control and, consequently, it might reduce the number of snakebites in the state;

3. Education of medical students, who will be responsible to disseminate the snakebite knowledge in both programs (STP and SPCP);

4. Produce snakebite illustrated material to promote the control, prevention, and prehospital support of snakebites in different languages (Portuguese, Spanish, and Yanomami), which will be used during the programs (STP and SPCP). The informative material will be available to download in the project homepage as well as will be shared in social media (Project`s Facebook profile).